From Altay to Yughur

Oh, hello there! Welcome to my blog. This is a site for ideas, musings, rants, and recollections about language, literature, publishing cultures and identity. All opinions expressed below are my own, and you’re more than welcome to provide your feedback.

Happy Reading!

Conference Suite

Do you enjoy From Altay to Yughur, but wish that you didn’t have to read quite so much? You’re in luck! Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I’ve been able to collate a healthy selection of recorded presentations from the period 2014-2021. Not all of these deal with the same topics as the rest ofContinue reading “Conference Suite”

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2 thoughts on “From Altay to Yughur

  1. Merhaba,

    British Museum, Sloane, nr. 3114’da kayıtlı ‘Mecmua-i Saz ü Söz” kitabına ihtiyacım var. Yardımcı olabilir misiniz


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